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Basic electronics workshop 24 August Pretoria

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Basic electronics workshop 24 August Pretoria

It is true that 90% of the time spend in modern electronics is about programming and using prebuilt modules. In the old day’s lots of electronics and component-based electronics were required but with the introduction of microcontrollers, all this changed.

However, a basic understanding of electronics is still hugely beneficial as you will still run into electronic specific things especially to get hardware stability and proper power management in your projects.

What we cover

This is a short course that runs Saturday afternoons after our morning Arduino essentials workshop. Many students might like to stay on for this workshop after the morning Arduino workshop.

This course is a practical course and is quite different from the usual theory based electronic courses.

Our teaching method is all about WHY should you use it and even more importantly HOW to use it. Understanding concepts are important but how to implement that is even more important.
  • We will cover volts, amps and resistance and how we can manipulate and manage power to and from your microcontroller. This is the base and foundation of everything in electronics. An example is that resistors are actually current-limiting devices and not voltage limiting devices but because you limit the current you automatically will lower the voltage – you will thus understand power management on a totally new level.
  • We will cover LEDs and how to limit both volts and amps to them. We will also do some maths to work out exactly what resistor sizes are required to limit both volts and amps to the LED. This data is applicable to many things you will do in future
  • Work with capacitors to stabilise power, the main reason why some circuits are unstable.
  • We will also use diodes and look at things like the voltage drop some components create.

If you are not new to electronics it will probably cover topics you already know. If you are new to electronics it will form the foundation to our other electronics workshops like the DIY auto range Bluetooth multimeter workshop where we will build and explain the meter and how to properly test and measure circuits that will be launched soon. The information in this course will be required for future electronics courses.

What to bring along.
Included in the price is all the required components. Not included is a breadboard and jumpers as most students already have a breadboard. If you don’t have you can add it to your order, the breadboards are available here and the jumpers here.

Time: 14H00 to 60H30
Refreshments: Tea and coffee will be available (If you also do the morning course we will supply a light finger lunch – unfortunately, we can not cater for special food requirements)


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