Bart the educational robot kit – No microcontroller included

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(Also available is the complete with an Arduino Uno here. We also sell the complete Robot kit with an Arduino Mega here

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Meet Bart, he is an educational robot kit that will teach you:

electronics           Robotics          programming

Bart is short for Basic Arduino Robot Training.

Electronic kits are great but we always felt that training can be better if you can combine all the things you learned into one final but an expandable product,

Bart shows how all these individual things you will learn can be mixed, matched and combined to give you amazing final projects.

Now, BART is not just a robot for the sake of being yet another robot. It is actually a full training platform teaching electronics, programming and robotics to young and old. You will see many components on the robot chassis that is not conventional robot components because we also use Bart to teach you electronics.

We have two online training packages available for FREE.

Here is the full Bart full course curriculum pdf

The first is basic online training for Bart, that will always be 100% FREE. Then we have our Ultra Robotics, electronics and programming online course we will sell at R800.00 after the launch.  During the launch period, you will receive our Ultra online course for FREE as well.

Bart the robot


NO MICROCONTROLLER INCLUDED – for customers who already have an Arduino Uno or Mega. This robot can not function without it.

Some of the educational robot kit capabilities include:

  1. 3 x IR line tracking sensors so Bart can track a  line tracking.
  2.  IR receiver and remote to easily control Bart.
  3.  Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance .
  4. A very clever and powerful motor H-bridge driver IC that controls Bart’s movement.
  5.  A light-sensitive sensor so Bart can know when its dark to perform cool actions like switching on its lights.
  6. 5 x LED’s you can use as an indicator or status LEDs in your programming, you can, for example, put Bart in “line tracking mode” and have one of the LED’s on to indicate the mode. There are hundreds of things you can do with the LEDs.
  7. 3 x WS RGB LED’s, Bart uses the latest in light technology. These LED’s can produce any colour you can imagine – make Bart light up in white when it detects its dark, flashes red when detecting obstacles in its way, let all the LED’s run in different patterns. Possibilities are endless.
  8. Can take big batteries for longer battery life, with all the great stuff on this chassis you want enough battery power.
  9. 4 x programmable buttons – this you do not normally find on an educational robot kit. But then again Bart does not just teach you robotics, it also teaches you other electronics concepts. Programmable buttons have endless functions from putting Bart in different modes (like line tracking or obstacle avoidance) to changing your robots settings like light control etc.
  10. Potentiometer – another component you will not easily find in normal robot kits. It works like a know you can turn to create all kinds of effects like slowing Bart down or increasing its speed, making like sequences like “running lights” go faster or slower. Again, lots of added things to your robot and overall training experience.
  11. Buzzer, the sound of your robot is a big topic in electronics and of cause make your robot audible. Let it play music, hoots at obstacles and all kinds of other sound effects, your imagination is the only limit.
  12.  Shift registers, learn all about using these IC’s to expand your microcontroller ports

and much much more.

Read this blog post for more information on Bart the educational robot kit: We launch BART on Black Friday

Bart assembly manual



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