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AV Cable For Raspberry Pi

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AV Cable For Raspberry Pi 

Got a TV with no HDMI input, but still, want to hack your Raspberry Pi? Don’t worry! The Raspberry Pi Model B+ comes equipped with a neat 4-Way Composite Video/Audio Jack. This cable will work creat for this.

Plug this cable into your Raspberry Pi’s composite 3.5mm Jack, and your Pi will output Video (1-line) and Audio (2-lines) via the three RCA connectors.

AV Cable For Raspberry Pi  Helpful Tips

On first startup (when installing an OS via the NOOBs distribution), hold 3 at boot for PAL, or 4 at boot for NTSC. This will force output via composite instead of HDMI .
If you have installed an operating system with an HDMI cable, and want to change to composite hold SHIFT+3 at boot for PAL, or SHIFT+4 at boot for NTSC
Connector Layout

Red – Video
Yellow – Right Audio
Black – Left Audio


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