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ATGM332D-5N GPS Module With Flight Control EEPROM

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Super GPS nav module, what makes this one very cool is its low power consumption.

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ATGM332D-5N GPS Module With Flight Control EEPROM

Support SMA/IPX

Product Description:

ATGM332D-5N series module is 12X16 size high-performance BDS / GNSS constellation positioning guide
Aerospace module series. The series of modular products are based on the fourth generation of low power GNSS SOC
Single chip-AT6558, support the United States GPS, China’s BDS (Beidou satellite navigation system)
ATGM332D-5N series module with high sensitivity, low power consumption, low cost and other advantages, for car navigation, handheld positioning, wearable equipment, you can directly replace the NEO-M8N, package size and pin definition is fully compatible.

ATGM332D-5N GPS Module Performance:

Excellent positioning navigation, support BDS / GPS / GLONASS satellite navigation system single system positioning, and any combination of multi-system joint positioning, and support QZSS and SBAS system
Support for A-GNSS
Cold start capture sensitivity: -148dBm
Tracking sensitivity: -162dBm
Positioning accuracy: 2.5 meters (CEP50, open ground)
First time: 32 seconds
Low power consumption: continuous operation <25mA (@ 3.3V)
Built-in antenna detection and antenna short circuit protection

Assisted GNSS (Assisted GNSS, AGNSS):

ATGM332D-5N series modules all support the auxiliary GNSS (AGNSS) function. AGNSS can provide the receiver with the necessary auxiliary information, such as text, rough location and time. Whether in strong or weak signal environments, this information can significantly shorten the first positioning time. The specific use of the way see “in the micro-AGNSS solution” description.

ATGM332D-5N GPS Module Output protocol output protocol:

ATGM332D-5N series module through the UART as the main output channel, according to NMEA0183 protocol format output, the specific information, please refer to “CASIC multi-mode satellite navigation receiver protocol specification.”

Package included:

1 x ATGM332D-5N GPS Module
1 x IPX interface active antenna
1 x SMA socket
1 x 5-pin



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