Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0

An easy way to connect not just sensors but many INPUT and OUTPUT DEVICES to your Arduino Uno.

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Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 with external power support

The Arduino sensor shield allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers etc. to your Arduino Uno. Each pin has a corresponding VCC and GND pin to easily connect a module and supply power to it.

External power support

An extremely useful future is that this shield accepts external power for that high power demanding devices like servos and motors. Next to the power input is a jumper that is used to select between internal power (from your Arduino) and external power.

arduino sensor shield diagram

Arduino sensor shield technical specifications

  1. PIN13 LED Pilot
  2. Digital IO Ports D0-D13
  3. Analog IO Ports A0-A5
  4. Reset Button
  5. Power In
  6. Power LED
  7. LCD Parallel Interface
  8. LCD Serial Interface
  9. UART interface
  10. SD interface
  11. Bluetooth Interface


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