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Arduino Mega TFT 2.4” LCD Expansion board

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This TFT 2.4” LCD Expansion board makes it easy to connect the 2.4″ touch screed with sd card support to your mega, The biggest issue with these screens is that they operate on 3.3V making them difficult to work with. This expansion board takes care of that.

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TFT 2.4” LCD Expansion board

TFT 2.4” LCD Expansion board description:

The screen operates at 3.3V and usually you will need to use level shifters with an Arduino to shift the voltages beween 3.3, and 5V.

This board is intended to be used witha 2.4″ TFT touch screen which is available for purchase via our website.

This shield allows the screen to be easily interfaced with an Arduino Mega. It also includes level shifters to provide the correct 3.3V voltage level interface to the screen. This shield also provides support for the screens resistive touch sensor and SD card interface.