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AC 220V Voltage Regulator 2000W (SCR)

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AC 220V Voltage Regulator 2000W (SCR) for dimmers, thermostats, speed control etc.

This is an AC voltage regulator and is used in many AC applications to control motor speed, dim lights (including LED dimmable lights like the grow lights we sell) and thermostats. It can handle our 230V outlets as well and can drop the AC down to 50V.

At peak, you can control an 8-9A load with no problems or overheat.

AC 220V Voltage Regulator 2000W (SCR) spec:

Input Voltage: 220V
Maximum Power: 2000W
Adjustable range: 50-220V AC
Size: approx. 5.3 x 4.7 x 2.8 cm



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