AC 220V 4000W SCR Dimmer Motor Speed Controller

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AC 220V 4000W SCR  Dimmer Motor Speed Controller

SCR are generally used in AC power control circuits such as lighting dimmers, AC motor speed controls, heaters etc. where mains (line) voltages are used for loads of many watts, or often kilowatts. The aim of AC Control is to trigger the SCR part way through each AC cycle so that the load current through the SCR is switched off for part of the AC cycle, so restricting the average current flowing through the SCR, and hence the average power delivered to the load.

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1 review for AC 220V 4000W SCR Dimmer Motor Speed Controller

  1. Eddie Joubert

    Be Care full when connecting.
    The Neutrals ore the outside two terminals,
    The Output Live is the secound terminal from the left and
    The Input Live is the third terminal from the left.
    The chinese markings are on the PC board underneath!!

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