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7 DIY Pulley pack

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7 DIY Pulley pack – plastic

If you are building DIY toys and other mechanical projects then pulleys come in very handy. This pack comes with 7 of the most often used pulleys. Most of these pulleys will work great with plain rubber bands

7 DIY Pulley pack specs

A (Red) Diameter :29mm ; Thickness : 5.8mm ; Hole Diameter : 3.9mm
B Diameter :25mm ; Hole Diameter : 2.4mm
C Diameter :24mm ; Hole Diameter : 1.9mm
D Diameter :19mm ; Hole Diameter : 1.9mm
E (Orange) Diameter :17mm ; Hole Diameter : 1.9mm
F Diameter 15mm (10 tooth gear modulus 0.5 outer diameter 6mm); 2.05mm aperture
G Diameter: 5mm Hole Diameter: 1.9mm
Color: Multicolor.




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