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6-in-1 Educational Solar DIY Kit

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6-in-1 Educational Solar DIY Kit

With the 6-in-1 Educational Solar DIY Kit, you can build 6 different projects that are powered only by sunlight using a solar-cell. A great way to teach your child how energy from the sun is transformed into power that will make your projects move. With the easy to assemble instructions and step-by-step manual, you can enjoy quality time with your child, creating fun projects. The solar-powered robot kit is the perfect educational kit to have fun while you learn. Encourage your child’s imagination with this solar kit.

Each Model Building Kit Includes:

  1. 1 x Solar Power Cell
  2. 1 x Transformable Car
  3. 1 x Toy Dog
  4. 1 x Toy Steamship
  5. 1 x  Plane & Gyropter
  6. 1 x Pinwheel
  7. Instruction Manual


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