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5v Buck module with USB connector

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5v Buck module with USB connector

This module converts 9V-36VDC to 5V using the LM2596S IC. What makes this power board very handy is that it has a USB output connector next to the 5V screw terminal output.buck module

It is also able to handle up to 5A output.

5v Buck module with USB connector highlights:
1 with DC plugs and terminals, easy to use;
2 synchronous rectification scheme, wide voltage, high current, high efficiency;
3 with USB port, with a fast charge identification chip
Product parameters:
1: Working voltage: DC 9V–36V;
2: output voltage: 5.2V/5A/25W
3: output capability:
9~24V input: output 5.2V/6A/30W
24~32V input: output 5.2V/5A/25W
32~36V input: output 5.2V/3.5A/18W
4: size: 63*27*10cm (L * w * h)


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