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50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit

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This grow light is a true 50W light – we tested it ourselves. We improved this kit with a bigger fan and heatsink to make it run even colder than the previous kit. The lower the kit the brighter these lights shine and the longer they last.

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50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit

Now with bigger fan and heatsink

If you would like to start growing veggies, herbs etc. indoor you will find the most expensive part of your setup will be the grow lights. Especially if you want to use LED grow lights to save on the power costs. Growing indoors is a lot of fun and can be done through summer and winter.

We just released this 50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit and it will cost you about 20% of commercial grow lights that mostly does not come near the quality of these LEDs. Many of them claim huge Watts but when you measure the current draw most of them don’t even draw 1/2 what they claim. When we measure this 50W we get around 48 – 53 Watts! 

These babies get real hot and a proper heatsink needs to be used. Without a heatsink these LED’s will blow in seconds – DO NOT turn them on without the heatsink. Even with the heatsink, they do get a bit hot (around 40 degrees Celcius), it is way below the 85 degrees Celcius max temperature for these LEDs.

The fan works from 12V DC but the LED’s work straight from 220V AC, it includes circuitry to regulate the current and power. Unique to Bot Shop is the perspex cover to cover the AC wires to prevent shocks and so on.

This 50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit is easy to assemble, more about that below.

How much light do you need? This is a very difficult question as different plants need different light requirements, some indoor plants are happy with just the natural lights you normally use in your house. With microgreens (edible sprouts) you will not need a lot of LED light either, about 50W per 0.5 square meters (even then I will put the lights higher, further away from the plant, than for veggie plants) – that’s about 2 big trays of microgreens!

When you deal with plants that flower and produce veggies and so on you will find they need much more light if you ever want them to bloom and produce. A 50W full spectrum LED like these, about15 cm from your herbs will cover an area of plants roughly 300mm by 300mm. For one square meter, I would suggest 2 minimum and 3 ideally. But you will need to experiment a bit to get optimum harvests, that is part of the fun!

Building your own little herb garden indoors with the correct lightning does not just protect your plants from weather and bugs but also allow you to grow your favourites even through winter.

   grow light heatsink and fan

This 50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit come in a kit form and can be put together in under 3 minutes. The holes for the LED is already drilled on the heatsink. To fit the fan, the screws are screwed between the heatsink fins.

Our heat sink heat

We measured with our IR temp meter a temperature between 40 – 42 degrees Celsius. That is in great range considering it is way below the 85 degrees max temp. This is important as the lower the temp the longer the LED’s will last and the brighter they will shine (due to the build in temp controlling on the LED chip)


These lights are dimmable! Now that makes a huge difference for indoor growers! Seedlings need less light than plants that are bigger and in the growing state. Plants that bloom and producing the veggies even need more light. A simple dimmer like these ones on our site works perfectly and can be easily connected to 20 of these lights with no stress on the dimmer at all.

12V power supplies.
The fans operate from 12V DC and a 2A power supply like this one on our site can easily handle 10 of these fans. We also have bigger power supplies if you need to connect more fans,

Included in this 50W grow light full spectrum DIY Kit:

1 x 50W full spectrum grow light
1 x heat sink
1 x fan
1 x protection perspex cover.
8 x screws



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