4N25 Optocoupler DIP6 General Purpose (LTV4N25)

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LTV4N25 Optocoupler (4N25) is a general circuit protection optocoupler.

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(LTV4N25) 4N25 Optocoupler DIP6 General Purpose

This is one of the most often used optocouplers, especially because of their affordable price. It can withstand 5000V and make them perfect to use in electronic circuits as a protection component.

LTV4N25 Optocoupler Applications
1. I/O interfaces for computers.
2. System appliances, measuring instruments.
3. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials
and impedances

Maximum Forward Voltage: 1.5V
Package: DIP-6
Maximum Input Current: 60 mA
Isolation Voltage: 5000V

Data sheet: ltvnN24



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