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48 Egg Incubator and Hatchery 220V+12V

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The incubator features a dual power supply, 220VAC as well as 12VDC for a 12V lead-acid battery. As a result, it makes it the perfect Incubator for when you have regular power outages. It features a LED display displaying the temperature and humidity inside the container. As well as the hatching progress, and the time until the next egg turning cycle. It also includes a hatching net in which you can place the eggs to hatch after the incubation period. Refilling the water for humidity is also made easy with the supplied water bottle.


  • Intelligent control system.
  • Automatic egg turning.
  • Humidity automation.
  • Temperature Automation.
  • Dual power supply.
  • Egg counting light.
  • Over-temperature alarm.

Incubator Specs:

  • Operating Voltage: 220VAC 50/60Hz / 12VDC
  • Temperature Range: 30°C - 39.5°C


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