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30A relay module for Arduino

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Need to drive more powerful equipment? This relay can handle up to 30A and it got a couple of cool features as well.

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30A relay module

This 30A relay module can be set to trigger on either a high pulse (5V from your Arduino) or low pulse (0V from your Arduino) making it very versatile in many different applications.

It also includes an optocoupler to protect your micro controller from the power that will be switched with the relay.

30A Relay Module Specification
1, Maximum load: AC 250V / 30A, DC 30V / 30A;
2, Power isolation optical coupling that also provides strong anti-interference ability and stable performance;.
3, Working voltage: 12V
4. Trigger current: 3mA
5. Control level can be configured to either trigger high or low (see how to configure later on)
6, Power indicator light (red), status indicator light (blue)
7, Module size: 6.0 cm * 3.0 m * 2.5 cm (length * width * height)

30A Relay Module control interface
1, DC + : external DC power (12V)
2, DC -: external negative DC power supply
3, VREF,  high/low trigger configuration.
For high-level control (relay switch on when receiving 5V) connect DC – to it (you can take a wire from the DC- to it)
For low-level control (relay switch on when receiving 0V) connect 5V to it (you can take a wire from the DC+ to it)
4, CH1: relay trigger input (from microcontroller)

Output: There are 3 line interfaces, all interfaces are terminal blocks for easy connection
NO: relay normally open interface
2, COM: triger common
3, NC: relay normally closed interface


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