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220VAC Relay With Base For Start-Stop Circuit

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Working with machinery when you have constant power outages could become dangerous. When the power cuts while you are working and you forget to switch it off it will start running when the power returns. To overcome this you can create a safe start-stop circuit. What this circuit does is, when you want to start the machine you can press start. When you want to shut it down simply press stop. What makes it safe is because when the power fails it shuts itself off and will not start up on its own when the power returns. Meaning that when something is in the way of the machine while power is returned it will be safe.

220VAC Relay With Base Specs:

Action 4PDT
Coil Voltage: 220V AC
Contact Voltage: 5A 240V AC  / 5A 28V DC

Rated current: 10A
Indication: LED Working
Contact material: silver alloy
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Contact type: 4 on 4 off
Action time: less than 25ms
Operating temperature: - 25 ° C to + 55 ° C
Pin Quantity 14 Pin
Mounting Rail Type 35mm DIN Rail

Here is a simple start-stop circuit. You can always add an emergency stop button cutting all power for extra safety.



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