220V AC Solenoid Valve N/C 3/4 inch

Control your water flow with a microcontroller. This solenoid valve requires 220V AC so remember to use a relay with it. It is a normal close valve meaning if there is no power to the valve, it will be closed. Of cause, it will open when receiving 220V.

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220V AC Solenoid Valve N/C 3/4 inch

Magnetic DC N/C Water Air Inlet Flow Switch 3/4". Ideal for sprinkler systems and hydroponics. If you add a microcontroller to it you can do all kinds of cool things like monitoring the soil moisture level and open the valve when low.

220V AC Solenoid Valve N/C 3/4 inch Features :

Durable and practical.
Made of high-quality plastic and metal, long life.
Very convenient to use, open or close when power on or off.

Specification :

Material: Metal + Plastic
Voltage: AC 220V
Rated Power: 5W
Pressure: 0.02- 0.8Mpa
Interface Modes: 3/4' Hose
Working Time: 5 hours continues (Max)

Insulation Class: E
Fluid Temperature: 0-90℃


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