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20X4 Character LCD Module Display I2C 5v

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This display has 4 lines that can hold 20 characters each. It includes an I2C interface allowing you to easily program and connect this unit as it only uses 2 digital pins.

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20X4 Character LCD Module Display

Having 4 lines with 20 characters each allow for much more data to be displayed compared to the normal 2 line 16 characters units also available on our site. This unit has a blue background with white characters to easily read the data on the screen.

20X4 Character LCD Module Display spec:
IIC bus control only uses 2 IO
Contrast adjustable, controllable backlight lamp
Using 2004 high-quality LCD screen, blue white, clear display
The backlight can be controlled, by jumpers, can also be controlled by a program
Screen display contrast adjustable
5V voltage supply, device address 0x27


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