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2.0 inch TFT LCD screen SPI interface

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2″ TFT color screen with SPI interface for easy connection. It supports both 3.3 and 5V I/O levels.

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2.0 inch TFT LCD screen SPI interface

1. Type: SPI TFT LCD Color Screen
2. Size: 2.0 Inch
3. 2.0 Inch SPI serial port
4. Resolution: 176 * 220
5. Driver IC: ILI9225
6. Arduino support a variety of single-chip line, without any wiring
7. Integrated regulator IC, support 5V or 3.3V power supply
8. On-board level conversion scheme, compatible with 5V / 3.3V IO level,
9. Support a variety of single-chip IO connection
10. Integrated backlight control circuit, you can control the on-off or PWM dimming,
11. Integrated SD card expansion circuit,
12. Reserved SPI FLASH character library circuit to facilitate the expansion of applications


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