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100W amplifier board TDA3116D2

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This is a 100W per channel, two-channel amplifier board. It’s an easy to use board that you will have up and running within minutes.

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100W amplifier board TDA3116D2

Powerful amplifier board that can produce 100W per speaker. The power supply is important to get the full output from this unit. A minimum 0f 200W  power supply will work but the bigger the better. (max 24V).

100W amplifier board TDA3116D2 specification:
Chip selection: TPA3116
Input power: DC12-24V
Output power: 2*100W
Input resistance: 51K*2
Output matching: 4-8 Europe
Frequency range: 14-100Kz.
Sex noise ratio: 100dB
Output channel: 2 (left and right)
Appearance size: 105*65*23mm

100 watt amp


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