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  • DC 3v-6v To 400kV 400000V Boost Step-up Power Module High-voltage Generator

    R75.34 inc VAT 57 in stock
  • Enclosure for W1209 temperature controllerSold Out

    Enclosure for W1209 temperature controller

    R28.72 inc VAT
  • Speed encoder disk

    Speed encoder disk (20 grids)

    R5.93 inc VAT 111 in stock
  • Plastic Gears Kit 75 PiecesSold Out

    Plastic Gears Kit 75 Pieces

    R85.99 inc VAT
  • 140pcs U Shape Breadboard Jumper Cable KitSold Out

    140pcs U Shape Breadboard Jumper Cable Kit

    R43.99 inc VAT
  • 5015 Cooling Fan

    5015 Blower Fan 12V

    R25.13 inc VAT 79 in stock
  • 4 x AA Battery Holder for Arduino

    R16.57 inc VAT 74 in stock
  • 8010 fan 12v

    Fan 80x80x10mm 12V

    R55.20 inc VAT 30 in stock
  • pi4 heatsinkSold Out

    Raspberry PI 4B Heatsink Pack

    R19.00 inc VAT
  • Speaker 8 Ohm 0.25W

    Speaker 8 Ohm 0.25W

    R11.97 inc VAT 75 in stock
  • 3x 18650 Battery Holder

    3x 18650 Battery Holder

    R27.04 inc VAT 15 in stock
  • 8 Ohm 1watt Mini LoudspeakerSold Out

    8 Ohm 1watt Mini Loudspeaker

    R12.74 inc VAT
  • Sold Out

    4010 Cooling fan 24V

    R23.94 inc VAT
  • Arduino Nano expansion board

    Arduino Nano expansion board

    R36.17 inc VAT 6 in stock
  • Single side PCB 100 x 150 x 1.5Sold Out

    Single side PCB 100 x 150 x 1.5

    R28.75 inc VAT
  • Universal prototyping PCB –70 x 90mm (double-sided copper)

    Prototyping PCB–70x90mm Double sided

    R53.07 inc VAT 36 in stock
  • Enamelled copper wireSold Out

    Enameled Copper Wire – 0.65 per meter

    R4.03 inc VAT
  • USB A male breakout boardSold Out

    USB A male breakout board

    R14.16 inc VAT
  • 3A Forward Reverse and PWM

    3A Forward/Reverse and PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

    R115.00 inc VAT 40 in stock
  • 4x 18650 Battery HolderSold Out

    4x 18650 Battery Holder

    R35.08 inc VAT
  • 5015 Blower Fan 24V

    R25.13 inc VAT 71 in stock
  • Robot chassisSold Out

    Robot chassis – 2WD with encoder discs

    R127.45 inc VAT
  • 180 pcs Nylon Spacer KitSold Out

    180 pcs Nylon Spacer Kit

    R141.27 inc VAT
  • Buzzer

    Buzzer Continuous 3-24V

    R13.23 inc VAT 294 in stock