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  • Liquid level switch

    Liquid level switch 52mm

    R54.53 inc VAT 79 in stock
  • Liquid level switch 52mm (Right Angle)Sold Out

    Liquid level switch 52mm (Right Angle)

    R53.99 inc VAT
  • water flow meter

    Water Flow Meter – Plastic 1/2 inch Hall sensor

    R119.24 inc VAT 4 in stock
  • Rain sensor module

    Rain sensor module with digital and analog output

    R35.25 inc VAT 24 in stock
  • contactless

    Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor 5-12V NPN

    R211.60 inc VAT 2 in stock
  • pH-201 pH sensor Probe with BNC Connector

    pH-201 pH Probe with BNC Connector

    R370.07 inc VAT 11 in stock
  • Turbidity Sensor

    R161.00 inc VAT 4 in stock
  • pH Sensor ModuleSold Out

    pH Sensor Module

    R490.82 inc VAT