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  • Arduino pro miniSold Out

    Arduino Pro Mini 16 Mhz 5V

    R74.29 inc VAT
  • LCD Shield with keypad for Arduino

    R171.06 inc VAT 30 in stock
  • arduino uno r3

    Arduino Uno R3 development board

    R148.35 inc VAT 325 in stock
  • Relay Shield for Arduino

    R215.80 inc VAT 11 in stock
  • Sale! Arduino standard kit

    Arduino Standard Kit includes free online training

    R828.00 inc VAT 7 in stock
  • AVR Programmer ISP Download USB ASP Downloader

    AVR Programmer ISP Download USB ASP Downloader

    R50.96 inc VAT 11 in stock
  • Sold Out

    Screw Shield for arduino

    R159.01 inc VAT
  • FTDI boardSold Out

    FTDI FT232RL USB to TTL Serial Adapter – 3.3V and 5V Operation

    R77.73 inc VAT
  • Arduino CNC Shield

    Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL ready

    R95.80 inc VAT 12 in stock
  • arduino mega 2560

    The Arduino Mega 2560 board

    R276.00 inc VAT 28 in stock
  • arduino nano

    Arduino Nano board

    R124.44 inc VAT 46 in stock
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield

    R259.04 inc VAT 1 in stock
  • Arduino Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield SHD-MStepper

    R92.00 inc VAT 7 in stock
  • tft lcd touch screen

    TFT LCD Touch Screen Shield 2.4 inch & microSD for Arduino Uno

    R272.62 inc VAT 4 in stock
  • ATMEGA328P-PU IC for Arduino

    R83.01 inc VAT 4 in stock
  • data logger shield

    Data logger shield for Arduino

    R80.71 inc VAT 127 in stock
  • Skeleton DuinoSold Out

    Skeleton Duino Self assemble

    R111.02 inc VAT
  • Arduino Sensor Shield v5

    Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0

    R52.79 inc VAT 2 in stock
  • Uno clear caseSold Out

    Arduino Uno Case Enclosure – Acrylic Clear (transparent) colour

    R33.24 inc VAT
  • Leonardo 32U4 - 16MHz 5VSold Out

    Leonardo 32U4 – 16MHz 5V (100% Arduino compatible)

    R206.57 inc VAT
  • Arduino Nano expansion board

    Arduino Nano expansion board

    R36.17 inc VAT 2 in stock
  • Sale! arduino kit ultimate

    Ultimate Arduino Uno kit with free online training

    R1,587.00 inc VAT 132 in stock
  • arduino Uno case enclosure

    Arduino Uno Case Enclosure Black ABS

    R33.24 inc VAT 33 in stock
  • Sale! Arduino mini proSold Out

    Pro Micro 32U4 Board – 5V 16Mhz – Arduino Bootloader

    R143.75 inc VAT