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  • 30A ACS712 Current Sensor Module

    R161.82 inc VAT 29 in stock
  • Humidity and temperature sensor

    DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    R57.50 inc VAT 114 in stock
  • DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor

    R28.39 inc VAT 46 in stock
  • Sold Out

    GY-521 MPU6050 3-Axis Acceleration Gyroscope 6DOF Module

    R87.00 inc VAT
  • ultrasonic

    HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

    R40.11 inc VAT 193 in stock
  • ir remote controller kit

    IR Kit For Arduino

    R74.75 inc VAT 39 in stock
  • Infrared motion sensor module

    Infrared motion sensor module

    R35.64 inc VAT 54 in stock
  • rfid rc522Sold Out

    NFC RC522 Module for Arduino

    R38.12 inc VAT
  • ldrSold Out

    Photoresistor (LDR) 4-7kOhm 5mm Diameter (10 Pack)

    R28.75 inc VAT
  • Sold Out

    Real Time Clock (DS1302) Module without Battery

    R67.95 inc VAT
  • Sound module

    R21.22 inc VAT 27 in stock
  • Capacitive Touch sensor module

    R20.86 inc VAT 95 in stock
  • Digital Linear Hall magnetic moduleSold Out

    Digital Linear Hall magnetic module

    R18.66 inc VAT
  • TCRT5000 infrared reflective line tracking module

    R24.44 inc VAT 87 in stock
  • MQ-135 Air quality and hazardous gas detection sensor alarm module

    R107.53 inc VAT 7 in stock
  • Rotary Ecoder

    R17.00 inc VAT 28 in stock
  • Infrared Speed Motor Sensor

    Infrared Speed Motor Sensor

    R51.11 inc VAT 12 in stock
  • Water proof DS18B20 temperature sensor

    R62.16 inc VAT 49 in stock
  • load cell

    load cell sensor resistance strain 50kg

    R52.22 inc VAT 177 in stock
  • MMA8452Q module 3 axis acceleration angle sensor

    R109.03 inc VAT 14 in stock
  • HB100 doppler

    Microwave Doppler Radar Sensor HB100

    R166.95 inc VAT 18 in stock
  • Potentiometer

    100k Potentiometer

    R5.68 inc VAT 45 in stock
  • E18-D80NK Infrared Proximity Switch

    R136.31 inc VAT 11 in stock
  • Pressure-Sensor-Module

    GY-BMP280-3.3 High Precision Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

    R95.80 inc VAT 19 in stock