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  • Magnet round 12mm x 4mmSold Out

    Magnet round 12mm x 4mm

    R5.74 inc VAT
  • ball joint 10mm with M4 thread hole

    Ball joint 10mm with M4 thread hole

    R2.39 inc VAT 91 in stock
  • cnc 3d printer mechanical endstop

    CNC 3D Printer Mechanical Endstop

    R27.37 inc VAT 36 in stock
  • The optical endstop switch pic

    Optical Endstop Switch For 3D Printer

    R51.11 inc VAT 41 in stock
  • MK7 MK8 heat sink 40x40x11Sold Out

    MK7 MK8 heat sink 40x40x11

    R33.29 inc VAT