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  • lcd display

    IIC/I2C 1602 Serial Blue Backlight LCD Display

    R119.73 inc VAT 27 in stock
  • 12V power supply

    12v 5A DC Power Supply

    R217.07 inc VAT 5 in stock
  • Sale! 8 Ohm 1watt Mini Loudspeaker

    8 Ohm 1watt Mini Loudspeaker

    R12.74 R9.20 inc VAT 49 in stock
  • Robot chassis

    Robot chassis – 2WD with encoder discs

    R127.45 inc VAT 30 in stock
  • Male to Male Jumper Wires

    Male to male Jumper Wire Pack of 30

    R43.18 inc VAT 171 in stock
  • Sale!

    Arduino online training

    R965.36 R299.00 inc VAT in stock
  • pan tilt kit

    Mini Pan Tilt Kit for SG90 servo

    R43.18 inc VAT 48 in stock
  • load cell

    load cell sensor resistance strain 50kg

    R52.22 inc VAT 177 in stock
  • Sold Out

    TPA3116 50+50Watt Stereo Amplifier

    R184.05 inc VAT
  • 9v battery clip

    9V Battery Clip

    R9.11 inc VAT 151 in stock
  • 4 x AA Battery Holder for Arduino

    R16.57 inc VAT 2 in stock
  • Sale! Arduino USB cable

    Arduino USB Cable length 20cm

    R20.25 R5.98 inc VAT 25 in stock
  • desoldering pump solder sucker

    Desoldering pump – Solder Sucker

    R51.81 inc VAT 1 in stock
  • soldering iron

    Soldering Iron 60W power

    R141.98 inc VAT 2 in stock
  • TDA7492P Bluetooth Audio 50+50 Watt Amplifier

    TDA7492P Bluetooth Audio 50+50 Watt Amplifier

    R431.57 inc VAT 10 in stock
  • OV7670 Arduino camera

    OV7670 quality Arduino Camera

    R215.80 inc VAT 10 in stock
  • Basic 16×2 Character LCD screen – White on Blue 5V

    R89.75 inc VAT 10 in stock
  • Sold Out

    Potentiometer Knob

    R7.35 inc VAT
  • Sold Out

    Push button with Cap 12mm tactile

    R4.17 inc VAT
  • Plato Model 170 Cutter

    R65.84 inc VAT 110 in stock
  • E18-D80NK Infrared Proximity Switch

    R136.31 inc VAT 11 in stock
  • breadboard

    Breadboard 830 point full size

    R34.50 inc VAT 277 in stock
  • Sold Out

    Jumper cable Female to male 30pcs

    R54.53 inc VAT
  • Sold Out

    8 Segment LED display common cathode

    R13.60 inc VAT