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Benefits of get-now-pay-later:
Zero interest and admin fees.
Save on shipping by placing one order rather than 2 or 3
One big order can give you free shipping where 3 small orders will cost you up to R300,00 in shipping fees
Don’t wait for payday to get the parts you need now,
Don’t lose a job because you can’t get the parts to start right now.

How it works:
On checkout choose the Payflex payment option. 
On the next screen choose the get-now-pay-later option and enter your id number, 
A check will be done by Payflex and if you qualify (most buyers do) just follow the next screen where you will pay 25% of the basket price now. Bot shop will send your order on next courier run. You will need to pay 25% of the basket fee immediately with a credit card, thereafter 25% every second week over 6 weeks.
If you do not qualify, nothing is lost, just delete the additional items you did not budget for now from your shopping basket and do a normal card transaction through Payflex.

The Payflex FAQ is available here:  https://www.payflex.co.za/faq/