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Arduino kits
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Arduino kits

Our next Arduino workshop:  04 August 2018

Held in Pretoria. More information here.


How to use a PH probe and sensor

If you worked with PH metering before you will know that PH values range from 0-14. Where PH 0 Will be very acidic, PH 7 will be neutral and PH 14 very alkaline. Water is near a PH 7 and this is usually around here that we will need to monitor PH of many things. A...

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Types of electronics power modules tutorial

The different types of electronics power modules tutorial and how to choose the right one for you. If you click on our power supplies and modules category you will see many different power supplies and modules, there are adjustable ones, buck, boost, step-up,...

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Coming soon!

We have many things we work on right now. Our main project is to make the documentation for our Arduino kits better

Arduino kits

We will be adding a couple more Arduino kits soon, This will include our robot kit.

In-house developed boards

We have a couple of breakout and module boards already launched and nearing completion. These include our Arduino cheapy board, EL wire sequencer board, robot chassis and hydroponics shield.  The robot chassis is included in our upcoming Arduino kit.

New products

We add new products weekly. Soon you will see a whole range of hydroponic products (we already have water valves, dosing pumps and flow meters on our site) as well as a whole range of EL wire and inverters.