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we make ideas glow

Buy Your EL-wire NOW

  • make projects amazing
  • easy to use
  • great colors to choose from

To use your EL-wire is as easy as

Choose your color

glue it, sew it, cut it, roll it, hang it

snap the power on it and see it glow

Unlimited in your creativeness

here are some ideas

The uses for EL wire is unlimited. If you can dream it, you can do it. From Interior design to cool DIY projucts.


Sign Design

Interior design

Car design


The wire is bendable and flexible witch makes it easy to use

Long lasting

The EL wire is long lasting and thus will not fade


There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, white, aqua, blue, lime green, yellow, red, orange, pink and purple


The EL wire doesn’t get hot witch makes it great to use in costumes

Easy to use

You can glue it, sew it, hang it where you need to, plug the inverter of your choice in and you’re set to glow


You can bend the EL wire to create great designs with ease. The EL wire is flexible enough that you can move with ease in a costume that is made with EL wire.


You can build great effects with EL wire. You can have the wire light up on movement and music, or preprogram a sequence that you want

EL wire Power sources

The EL wire power sources are specially made for the EL wire. The wire can flicker slow or fast.

AA Batteries

up to 3m size, is mobile and can be used in clothes

Car battery or 12v

up to 5m in size, ideal for cars

Main power

up to 20m, ideal for home decor