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electroluminescent wire


The amazing results of lights are everywhere to be seen, it sets moods, create unbelievable effects and can be summarised in one word


Electroluminescent wire, also called EL wire for short makes the boring exciting, bring the dull to live and makes the great awesome! It makes the ordinary looks like a million dollars but without heaving to spend much. It was always a difficult thing to work with electroluminescent wire and advertising signs, home decor lighting and other projects were left for pro’s and did cost a pretty penny.

Until now…


Super easy

No advanced knowledge. Simply lay your EL wire as you like, blue it, hook up to an inverter and you are done. We even have electroluminescent wire kits that will get tou going right now,

Creativity boosting

Your imagination is the only limit with electroluminescent wire. Where ever you use it will be dramatic, period! Put in on clothing, under counters, stairways, painting frames, car decor, the sky is the limit.


For under R150 you can light up the edges of a whole bar counter, pimp your ride or light up your hat or shirt with wire to spare. You can create an expensive effect and a fraction of the cost.


Bend it, put a knot in it, shape it any way you like. Put it under water. No heat produced and low power consumption so you can use electroluminescent wire with batteries on your clothes and for other mobile uses too.


We have a 5 minute EL wire “how to” here. Make sure to check it out if you want to learn more.


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