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Projects and how-to’s

Arduino online training with 22 projects

Arduino online training takes the struggle out of training and put the fun back. Sure, the Internet is full of information but on this course, everything is done in such a way that you move along FAST and easy.

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Internet of things: Arduino + Blynk

Recently there is quite a swing with the term Internet of things. Wouldn't it be nice if you can control your appliances with your smartphone. Lets get started. Step 1: Video Step 2: Parts List The part list for this project is super simple. All you need is a Arduino,...

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Introducing the XLR8 FPGA-based Arduino Uno Clone

XLR8(Accelerate) that has the same footprint as an Arduino Uno, but that runs like an Arduino Uno on steroids Regular Arduino Uno By default, the XLR8 behaves just like an Arduino, right down to its timing and 16 MHz clock. However, the XLR8's clock frequency can be...

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Using a Washer To Steady Joints While Soldering

If you have “helping hands,” clamping wire leads against a washer, as shown, stabilizes the whole setup dramatically by connecting the two arms with a rigid member, so you can bear down a bit more with the iron without pushing things out of alignment. But the hole in...

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Joining wires, The NASA way

Joining wires Some commenters on my post about using a washer as a soldering aid noticed my sloppy splicing technique and were kind enough to educate me about the so-called “Western Union splice,” aka the “Lineman’s splice,” which is the preferred method for twisting...

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Pulling Larger Loads with Arduino Mosfet

Arduino Mosfet layout If you are anything like me, this simply is not enough! No, you want to use this on your next Arduino project, but these LED's need lots of power. The Arduino only supplies 5V and even if it's a large 5V device the maximum current per I/O pin is...

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The Multi-function shield for Arduino

Arduino Multi-function shield This Arduino Uno and Leonardo compatible multifunction experimenter shield (HCARDU0085) has a large range of features which makes it ideal for beginners who just want to experiment and learn, or just as a general purpose shield for more...

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