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Most Arduino project require two voltage supplies, one for your Arduino and another for higher voltage components like motors and servos. When feeding this shield a voltage between 4.5-35V, this power shield is able to provide a voltage range from 1.25-12V with 3A peak current. Ideal for servo control and other non-standard components. With this shield, your Arduino now have one power supply for all.

It has be build-in voltage measuring function which map the output voltage to Arduino analog pin 0. It can be controlled by Arduino digital Pin13 to switch on/off.

On the board is a trimpot to “tune” the voltage output from 1.25V to 12V.


  • Supply voltage:4.5-35V
  • Output voltage:1.25-12V 
  • Output current: 2A (3A peak)
  • Efficiency:90%


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