Fan Module

Fan Module


Product Description

Make an air aerial propeller vessel, a cooling system, or spinning machine with this small fan module. It comes with a propeller, a 15,000 rpm motor and cable. Add flavor to your own interesting projects with this module.

  • Working Voltage:3~6V
  • Working Temperature:-20~85℃
  • Speed (no load):15000 rpm
  • Speed (6V):8000 rpm
  • Current (6V):40mA
  • Stall current (6V):360mA
  • Torque (6V):0.111kg/cm
  • Size: 36*27*13 mm
  • Weight: 22g

Some easy sample code:

//Arduino Sample Code for Fan Module
//Version 1.0
#define Fan 3    //define driver pins
void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);    //Baudrate: 9600
void loop()
  int value;
  for(value = 0 ; value <= 255; value+=5)
    analogWrite(Fan, value);   //PWM


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