Arduino online training

What is better than an Arduino training kit? …..

Online Training To Go With It, of cause.

We WANT you to become the next extraordinary electronics maker and we want that journey to be fast and fun.

No more having to search around for hours to try and find answers on your questions. And even more importantly – you have full access to the trainers to get you unstuck when running into problems.


Direct access to the trainers to keep you moving along smoothly

Training material

Step by step PDF’s, videos, datasheets and resources all in one place.


More than 150 quiz questions. Test your understanding and learn those things you missed


Forums are used to view questions and answers from fellow students and to ask your own.

18 Projects to build!

Building and experimenting with what you learn is crucial and it is also the fun part of your training. Each topic covered is accompanied with practical projects to make sure you can not just study but DO!

Its simple, start from the top and work your way trough each of the 21 topics. Each topic consist of training materials, component datasheets, quizzes and a link to the forum section.

No guessing or searching for hours to find information, everything you need regarding a topic is available in the topic.


Our forums will be one of the most important resources for you. Here you will find questions and answers from other students and that is a learning experience in its own.

You can also post your own questions and unlike other forums you might have seen we will answer questions in detail. Each forum section is covering a specific training topic so that you can focus specifically on the topic.


Quizzes might not sound like a training resource but it is an important one.

It does not only test your understanding and help you find information you might have missed but also gives you a great idea of what information is most important to know.

It makes you think more and view things from different “angles”. It also get you to re-study your training material so you go a second time over it.

It also help you to practice for the final exam if you are interested in a Bot Shop Maker Certificate.