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Monster Kit V2 now in stock. More products, better price

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The Monster kit V2 has arrived. More modules and components at a lower cost. Now with an option to get our online training at more than 50% off.

Arduino Monster Kit

We know that our kits are impressive on their own but our latest shipment make it possible to give you more and at a better price than the version 1 monster kit.

We are in the game of helping you to get the most out of your kit. We want you to become an electronic maker and for that you need more than a kit.

Our Monster kit V2 comes with an additional 6 products and you now have the option to buy the kit without any online training or choose from the product drop-down box to include online training at more than 50% off.

Why do we suggest the online training? Read all about it here: http://www.botshop.co.za/arduino-online-training/